Moot Court

These are the 12 winners of the National Mootcourt 2017. They represent NL at the International Mootcourt in January 2018.

The Hague University of Leiden University was the scene of the first National Mootcourt. Over 40 scholars from the region participated in this plea contest. After the jury meeting, Deputy Mayor Saskia Bruines announced which 12 students could represent the Netherlands in January during the International Mootcourt. #mootcourtdenhaag

The participants:

Abe linskens
Anne Sophie Pijnacker
Devyash Goel
Eleonora Raus
Emely Elise Na
Fabianne Flores
Julie Hermanns
Louise Blok
Luna de la Llama
Malo Ranzetti
Ron van der Horst
Ruth Schurink

Fotograaf: Emmy de Graaf


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